Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves in Three Generations

For hundreds of generations, its only taken three generations to earn wealth and three generations to lose it all. This cycle over a period of times has come to pass many different civilizations. Since human nature has changed little, if at all, in 15,000 years, the cycle repeats like this:


  • Hard times create strong men
  • Strong men create good times
  • Good times creates weak men
  • Weak men create hard times.


There are several reasons millennials (such as me) suffer from financial turmoil, even my first-month blogging was a failure. In this article, I’ll explain steps everyone should consider taking. I too have taken these steps that I am promoting and cannot believe how much happier and wealthier I have become. Lastly, I’ll define why it is important and how you can use one method of mine to organize and centralize your goals so you can put your mind to work and help you achieve whatever goals you may have.


The single most essential feature of gaining wealth and protecting that wealth is elevating your financial intelligence. I love my parents and family, but nobody ever taught me a damn thing about the governing law of compounding interest. I wouldn’t be typing this right now if someone had taught them so they can teach me. Eventually, you cannot play the victim; just embrace the suck and be proactive.

It would take a dozen lifetimes to reach the same level and knowledge these elite families have. I don’t believe in some privilege crap, but there are advantages and head starts that we would all expose ourselves to, such as private schools over public if we are offered the chance. Over three generations we can all set our families up for success.

The public school system wouldn’t do it for you. I believe they mostly teach conformity, and that truth comes from authority. They want us all just smart enough to pull levers and punch buttons but stupid enough to never ask why. When you’re at the top 1% of society, part of maintaining that tier is limiting or eliminating competition. Keeping the masses blind, deaf and dumb is only risk management read my article about how society controls you.

The only way you will ever teach yourself about proper financing is when you get hungry enough and want to thrive by living bold and brave. You have to take power. One of my favorite quotes is “If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.” Count on yourself and yourself alone to be successful.


My uncle would tell me to revert over toward something he’s coined as gorilla economic warfare (GEW) bleed the beast. What he is referring to is limiting the amount of taxable money to the IRS. There are other ways you can protect your income- read my article here on why I opened a small business account. If that isn’t an option, remember it isn’t enough to budget conservatively, spend less than you save, and invest in your 401k. That is such crap. You need to dive into and understand where all of your money is going, leakage, and if you have the most effective strategy that suits you.

I am young, and I am a hustler, and I will always make money doing something to support myself, therefore, I have high-risk, high reward investments. Once I have kids I’ll balance my investments correctly. Pay off your debt, then save money. I fuel myself and live a healthy lifestyle as an edge.


An individual retirement account which allows a person to set aside after-tax income up to 5,500 each year. Both earnings on the account and withdrawals after age 59½ are tax-free. Start this when you are 18 years old. Consult with an expert and discuss your goals.

ROTH 401k 

A Roth 401k is an employer-sponsored investment savings account that is funded with post-tax money up to the plan’s contribution limit. The limit is 18,500, and usually, your company will match 3% which historically beats inflation every year. Remember if your money is sitting in an account somewhere, it is losing its purchasing power by 2.5% to 3% every year.


Health Savings Account holders can choose to save up to $3,450 for one individual, and $6,900 for a family. There are unlimited clever avenues by which is only limited to your creative thinking to use these accounts in future health expenses.


More than likely you will need employment to have a Roth 401k and HSA account access. However, let us pretend at 18 years old you started investing in your Roth IRA. You contribute 5,500 dollars annually for 10 years, and you receive a 15% return every year. In 10 years you have $150k, over 20 years $737k, and over 30 years you will be a multimillionaire at 58 years old. Chances are, your contributions are more than $5,500 so you will do much better.

Gain much faster using your 401k. In this example, you graduated from college and landed your first job at 22 years old. You have $41,000 in your Roth IRA since you started contributing at 18. You choose to maximize your 401k contributions because you want to retire at 40. Your Roth IRA continues to increase in 18 years from $41k to $500k without putting any more money into it. For 18 years you buckle down and throw $18,500 into your account. Given a 15 percent return on your money for 18 years, your 401k is now worth $1.6 million. Congratulations, at 40 years old, you are worth over 2.1 million and maybe retired.

An HSA account works the same way, you can contribute $3,450 annually and shelter taxable income. Over an 18-year period compounded annually at 10% interest, you have $173k. That amount can cover some of your taxes and fines on 2.1 million for early withdrawal. Now here is where it gets interesting, those calculations are based off one person. Say you pulled half or 1.1 million. Over 20 years with just a 5% return and no contributions your 1 million is now 2.6 million. Don’t believe me? click here and play around for yourself.

These are small steps you can take to ensure wealth after several generations. Then you can focus on raising your financial IQ and your children over the years. You can now see why the rich get richer and poor grow poorer.


Some banks offer 2% cash back on credit card purchases. My girlfriend and I receive about 1k cash back on our annual purchases. This is the art of engineering passive income, using the law of compound interest in our favor once more, say from 25 years old to 65, we take our 1k and invest it with an annual return of 10%. We retire with $532k after 30 years of simply being smart. Over 60 years of doing that you will have earned over 3 million. The law of compounding interest is very very powerful.

Sometimes banks also offer you $50 or $100 to open a checking account given you place at least 200 dollars in that particular account, take advantage of this special no-brainer deals. Just be sure that you invest the earnings! You did nothing to earn it, its extra money that doesn’t affect your budget. Save and invest don’t spend on more liabilities like Jordans or iTunes music. Say just one time you throw that $250 in with your 1,000 dollars from cash back rewards:


  • Without additional $250, 3,642,779.67
  • With additional $250, 3,718,900.08
  • A difference of $76k with just a one-time addition of $250 one time in your life.


Again, that’s over a 60-year period, compounding once annually, 15% return annually and investing only your cash back rewards, peaking in this example at 1,000 a year. That’s huge!

Click on this compounding interest link and play with numbers to see how I got those results, see how saving 1 dollar a day can turn into hundreds of thousands.


I’ll share with you the process I use to place all of these goals and financial tips into their correct order. You have to identify what you value most in life. I value being the first person in my bloodline to start a dynasty, I want your kids to work for mine and you should have the same attitude, that can only happen if we are very close to perfect.

If you are clear on what is important to you in life, it will be infinitely easier to set the right priorities. To do just that a while back I listed the six things I valued the most in life and ranked them in order of importance. This is the most genius thing you can buy and makes doing this task very easy is a whiteboard sticker. It peels on and off and works just like every other whiteboard you have ever used. I have several of them for different categories. After that, I indicated the percentage of time by which I want to spend achieving and supporting those values.  Minor details will change, and the amount of exactness is up to you.



  1. To love my woman unconditionally, never get separated, understanding your wife or husband
  2. Earn enough income to be financially free, passive income hustles, investing correctly
  3. Develop a life I don’t want to retire or vacation from, paradise vacations, retiring early
  4. Eat healthily, live clean, lose weight, build muscle, fix my spinal alignment, fix myself
  5. Develop a legacy and support all of my family members
  6. Live an extraordinary life and accomplish goals.


You may discover you are spending time on something you don’t care about anymore. After asking yourself those questions develop fundamental “key performance indicators,” or “push goals.” Whatever you choose to call them, you need to pinpoint activities that help you reach your goals and aid in achieving those values you identified. for an example, if I wanted to lose weight, and build muscle, my KPI might be to get a daily log using an app that tracks my food, and a different app to log my workout progress.



  1. Do I have unique talents, if so, what are they?
  2. What am I extremely good at those others are not?
  3. Examples of activities that give me satisfaction and fulfillment are?
  4. What social issues am I passionate about?
  5. Do I want to work for myself or someone else?
  6. Who adds value to my life, and who takes away value?
  7. How would I spend 1 billion dollars if I had it?
  8. What would by current self, tell me 10 years ago?
  9. Name what you would do right now if you weren’t afraid of failure, criticism?


We tend to dramatically underestimate what we can get done over a ten or twenty-year time frame and even more drastically overestimate what we can get done in the next three months to 1 year. This year as of today, I have taken 5 college courses, started a small business, built a website, started blogging, read over 15 books, started my journey in real estate and planned several vacations. You too can have big years, just follow the steps I gave you and believe.

Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments. If I am wrong about something feel free to call me out. This is entry 15 on Wealth Affiliate a passive income generating machine that produces real results, I would get a small profit if you signed up. Check out other articles on for interesting blogs and different perspectives.

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