Secrets of Mind Power (Placebo and Neuro-plasticity)

7 Brain Facts

  • Every minute your brain filters 1 liter of blood
  • 400 miles of blood vessels in the brain
  • The brain weights 3 pounds
  • 12-25 Watts of electricity
  • 73% water by weight
  • Loves healthy fats
  • 60% fat

The most complex manifestation of intelligence that holds secret mind powers is the brain. The secrets have been completely understood for centuries.

In fact, I will argue citizens are encouraged to not seek enlightenment and instead seek social opportunities which beautifully marries cognitive atrophy.

Consider these two interesting facts.

Attention spans are equal to a goldfish and IQ’s have decreased 14 points since the Victorian time period!

Harnessing Placebos Powerful Effect

Your brain has enough power to repair and enhance your body. It can change your experience with reality by solely believing it can and will.

The premise of placebo is simplistic. Here is an example. Or you watch the Ted talk.

Two groups of people and one doctor who administers a histamine pinch which in turn causes a small red bump on the limb of the subject. 

The doctor, then informs the subjects of a cream application which is applied directly to the infected area to reduce the size and color.

Test subjects don’t know if they are receiving the fake or real medicine.

The fake medicine, in this experiment, performed better than the real medicine.

Even more interesting, the doctor wasn’t licensed or certified!

When said “doctor” dressed professional, behaved competent and warm, compared to inexperienced, clumsy and cold the bumps decreased even more than the real medicine. 

Social psychologist determined we the people judge people on grounds of warmth and competence.

That translates with respect and trustworthiness.

Therefore, we personally give our trust over to people we determine as a professional representative, authority, or person of expertise as the test subjects wrongfully did. 

So long as they manipulate us enough to relinquish our trust they can fool us.

When we trust someone they influence our reality and our reality is defined by a small amount of people in about 25 locations.

Better have good intuition so we can accurately identify and trust only the right people.

If we fail, anyone who we are told, or anyone who we perceive as authority rightfully or wrongly can potentially shape us and manufacture public consent.



The 100th Monkey Phenomenon

In 1962, Japanese monkeys were being observed eating sandy sweet potatoes by researchers. Eventually, one monkey started to rinse the potatoes before eating them.

The searchers annotated over the next six years 99 other monkeys developed this learned behavior.

After the 100th monkey started washing his sweet potatoes ALL the monkey on the island without prior contact with the first 100 monkeys rinsed their potatoes.

This means theoretically, once you reach a concentrated audience you have reached all the audience.

This is called Synchronicity keybasically meaningful coincidences.

You can change your reality and unlock secrets to your mind just by communicating with people like you.

Imagine what you could do if you decided to be bold and hunt your goals and passion with this knowledge.

You could make immeasurable amounts of money with hard work, I use Wealth Affiliate a passive income generating machine that produces real results.


Dr. Lara Boyd is a brain researcher and physiologist. Found that our brains can actually change and morph depending on our state of affairs.

Neuro-plasticity is a proven formula to first change brain chemistry, then those chemical cocktails restructure and improve our brain function.

Initially, when learning a new game or trick you are habit-forming. The power of habit is profoundly powerful.

This is when your brain dumps chemical grow factors to create the habit. This is your short-term memory.

Try building your short-term memory with simple games, they are plenty of inexpensive good books to do this with.

After those chemicals come back moment after moment, day after day they actually physically restructure the brain.

Remember when I said our brains are becoming stupid and human attention spans are equivalent to goldfish?

This is because not enough humans are willing to increase their daily struggle.

Using these growth factors to accomplish any object we have is honorable. If it’s generating passive income or just making it through college, either way lets move forward.

Prime your Brain with Exercise

3 important brain juices aerobic activity promotes.

  • Brain-derived neurotrophic factor BNDF
  • Insulin growth hormone IGF-1
  • Vascular endothelial growth factor VEGF

Those big 3 factors trigger receptors to crave more insulin which translates to better glucose efficiency and stronger cells that we build permanently.

I actually aid growth factors with a popular neurotrophic to help with this process. Many are not proven, this one is. Perhaps you will see results as well.

Studies show exercise significantly alleviates many symptoms of anxiety by the thickening of your cortical, think of gray matter in the brain.

Those regions are associated with depression, fear, and anger. Who doesn’t want to curb negative emotions?

Even the foods you eat matter, carbs and sugar are killing your brain function. Check out this book for more information.

If you don’t have time to eat clean try a meal replacement that’s organic and healthy for your mind and body.

You will make better decisions like exercising more often you will drink less, smoke less, consume less sugar, eat healthier foods and even slow impulse spending.

Exercising as much as possible also means you will look good, feel good and act more alpha!

A professor named John Ratey, that studies psychiatry at Harvard Medical School authored this book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain.

He found that through extensive research analysis frequent medium to high-intensity cardio will permanently increase your physical, mental and emotional health.

Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments. If I am wrong about something feel free to call me out. This is entry 5 on Wealth Affiliate a passive income generating machine that produces real results. Check out other articles on for interesting blogs and different perspectives.














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