My First One month blogging

Trials and Tribulations From One Month

When I started brain dumbing topics I wanted to discuss on myalphaproject one of them was “What I have learned in my first one month of blogging,”

Even If I am not successful, which I haven’t been, I wanted to tell people my 1-month story. I truly believe in giving more than I take from this life.

Here we go…

Zero Profits 

Twelve articles published, 17,000 words, one article on googles first page, zero referrals and zero profits. The idea of being bold, living brave and achieving the status of true freedom is highly attractive to me. After all, excitement seeking and being somewhat wreckless is a characteristic of type A’s. I figure if I am not living boldly then what is the point in living? if I am not willing to compete in the arena, sacrificing it all, then I’m not even alive, I’m surviving and existing in a habitat.

Since I love research and learning about topics of interest to me, diving deep into this with a zeal and passion only second to my love of family and country was fun for me. I figured getting good at something is my only way to freedom. When I first started looking around for ways to make passive income online, the first thing I started with was stocks, specifically day trading which faded out.

After stumbling upon Wealth affiliate, I told myself this. “If I can transform from a civilian to a company honor graduate and company top shot against 471 Marines from my time on Parris island May 2nd to August 29, then I can do this too. I joined for free and went over the modules with kyle guiding me along, reaching out for help when needed is easy, and the folks are grateful enough to help you.

I’ll just keep trying until I am telling you about my success.

Quitting Is A Luxury

Waking up early, spending countless hours researching topics, reading other blogs, editing, changing my diet, less play, less gym time, and countless other sacrifices with no reward, it was difficult to keep plowing along.

It was getting to be too much. I am still a full-time student, working full time, have a house to run and girlfriend to marry. It definitely crossed my mind going back to stocks, purchasing a flipper house, and getting a second job. Everything about blogging was complicated, and nothing had come even somewhat simple.

So what, who cares, why should they care? No poor pitiful me stuff and no excuses. Its very cut and dry, execute a plan of action or do not, live free or die.

I’ve always felt that time is money, everyone’s time is evaluated right now based on qualities such as education, experience, and age for a set price. With no unique identifiable skill or talent, medium experience in the corporate world, and no college education I don’t have the luxury of quitting.

Overwhelmed? Remeber Your Why

Feeling overwhelmed is a positive thing, it allows prioritization of your interest and highlights inefficiencies in your habits. I use to sleep in, spend hours gyming, drinking beer with buddies, and anything else to distract myself from reality. After learning about advertising, average words per a post, monetizations, widgets, WordPress, different strategies, opinions and automation techniques I thought to myself wow overwhelmed much? So I take it one post at a time, one module at a time. Step by step.

Two quotes struck me at the right time in my life, maybe they will help you also. The first was “to achieve something you have never achieved; you have to do something you have never done”. The second was 90% of success in life is putting one foot in front of the other. When overwhelmed, reboot back to quotes which regain focus. Remember your why.

Fear Is A Gift, Use It.

That’s right, the fear of failure is huge for everyone. Definitely never realized the market of making passive income online. Now understand some examples out there are cherry picked. One person I watched said they make 20k a week selling headphones. Percentage-wise, that person is in a highly rare profit margin.

It takes military precision and some luck, sometimes lots of it. In the information age we are growing out of and into the post-human era I’m scared. Being this far behind without a single computer skill was terrifying to me.

Recognizing and profiting from a threat, even if its fake, is just as valuable as a real one. I’ve always said I’ll gladly pay for placebo. After all, humans are just a few simple lines of code of limited memory. We move, eat, defecate,  sleep and keep repeating.

The folks who can learn the fastest and remember the most are in fact more machine-like so we are competing against machines. Eventually theywon’tt be human. Fear is a gift, use it as motivation.

An Equivlant Seed Of Advantage

Blogging has changed my perspective on life in an unprecedented way. From an evolutionary standpoint and yes I am a social Darwinist, the strong survive and pass on a genetic advantage.

You can be the largest alpha male on the throne. But, if someone who is smaller than you can learn ways to provide and you didn’t then your size is meaningless and you lose.

It took me having lived this experience to understand the true meaning of that paradox and has been worth every second of this. I had no clue, nor would I have pretended to understand what effects blogging and failing would have on my mental thought processes.

Failing for one month has shown me an equivalent seed of advantage.

Plan All The Way To The End

From a strategy perspective, I would have watched hundreds of videos on niche marketing, blogging, advertising, WordPress and laid out a scalable plan with key performance indicators. I also would have typed at least ten articles well in advance.

Shooting from the hip was fool-hearty in retrospect, and egotistical to believe with my little experience the blog gods would grant me easy passing before I earned my rite of passage.

Instead of following a blueprint and not planning to the end my blog and site are subjected to the user comments and request rather than my ideas. It will grow and take on its character, and it might not be the message I wanted it to be. Perhaps if there were more post on the internet such as this one, I would have likely read them and reach out to people. Also plan to the end.

A Game Of Time

I will be here for the next five years, and I will be here for the next ten years. I may fail 100 times at this whole online thing. Indeed it’s just a game of time until you across the finish line.In 5 years I will be unsuccessful because as long as you keep flooding the internet with quality content, eventually people will take notice.

If I do fail, the amount I will have learned over the course of 5 years and hundreds of articles will remain so powerful, I can write a whole blog on way to not fail for five years at blogging. In the end, this is about creating enough passive income for my family to live well, happy and comfortable. I hope everyone can learn something from my failures for one month. Good things are worth waiting for.

Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments. If I am wrong about something feel free to call me out. This is entry 13 on Wealth Affiliate a passive income generating machine that produces real results, I would get a small profit if you signed up. Check out other articles on for interesting blogs and different perspectives.


  1. Beachwalker

    I’m enjoying reading your blog. I find your honesty on your success (or lack of) and challenges in the learning process refreshing. I love that you’re willing to put yourself out there and learn something completely new in such a public way. Criticism is hard and most people wouldn’t dare put themselves into a challenging situation for fear of failure, you have embraced it and it sounds like your following your passion. Good for you.

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