Wealth Affiliate, Engineering Passive Income

How It Began

It all started in a modest little room with poor air ventilation; my tax guy was trying to get his business off the ground.

After some conversation and number punching, he informed me of my less than favorable situation.

Option number one, owe the IRS a check the following year, or option two, start a small business.

Obviously owing the IRS money wasn’t an option if I could help it.

I knew that merely making it through life was not for me, I want to thrive and enter into actions with boldness. Here are the benefits that motivated my thought process.

  • Engineer passive income
  • Attain true freedom in life
  • Be a contributor to society
  • Shield taxable income


How I Ended Up Writing Blogs

Searching for small business ideas was much more difficult than I thought.

The goal was to develop a streamlined approach of consistently generating passive income.

Here was my blueprint for generating passive income in four steps.

1. Passionate and knowledgeable. Money comes when you follow your passion and more times than not you are a badass at something in your life.

2. Non-Geographically limited. Let’s be honest with ourselves, the old way of daily commuting is dying.  So long as the end result is the same what difference is the means of production.

3. No Licenses, permits, loan or risk.  I don’t have the money to invest in a high stake business start-up. The only license and permit I wanted were to click “I accept these terms and conditions,” for accessing public Wi-Fi.

4. Expandable by Cloning myself.  Every individual will tell you if they could purchase more time they would. That’s why time is the most valuable commodity in the universe.

After searching on the internet for passive income ideas, I found everything from web page designing to wrapping my car in some companies logo.

I felt entirely defeated and ready to say the hell with it. I typed quickly into google “wealth affirmations,” and Wealth Affiliate popped up.

After reading what affiliate marketing has to offer, I decided it fit all my criteria so I signed up with a free membership.

Eventually seeing how this is easy, I signed up for the year membership which is less than $1 dollar per a day.


Why It’s Mathematical

“43 out of 100 people in the United States during the year 2000 used the internet according to the world banks’ data, in 2016, 76 out of 100 people are conducting regular business on the Internet.”

By those projections, virtually everybody will be using the internet in the future.

Affiliate marketing is not going anywhere as long as the internet is alive and well. As stated in my about me page, life is a mathematical numbers game.

We live in a mathematical universe with repeating patterns and the more data we humans put on the internet, the more accurate choices we can make.

Eventually, we can achieve any goal. A significant portion of folks will quit as soon as it gets hard, that what Beta’s do.


What I expected, vs. What Happen.

I didn’t expect this to be as challenging as it has been, once I found the time to learn the techniques things got way easier.

Keyword searching is king queen, content is king! 

Anyone can join Wealth Affiliate for free and generate passive income once you are ranked in Google, Yahoo, and Bing that loose change will flow.

Let me tell you I have zero official training in computers, I don’t even know a simple subtraction formula for excel.

This website is designed for people like me and potentially you, who have no specific training in the online world.

Wealth Affiliate is easy to follow once you learn your way around the site.


My Goal Is Simple

I believe some people have head starts in life, advantages that others do not, but I am not speaking about some BS privilege.

There is no sense in being reactive to life, being focused and driven to achieve a goal such as grinding for passive income is just common sense for someone handed the cards in life I have been given.

At my current rate ill never be able to escape blue collar grunt work. Instead of settling in on that life I want to thrive and live free.

This isn’t from an arrogant person either; it’s merely stating the truth and just escaping the poor pitiful victim mentality.


Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments. If I am wrong about something feel free to call me out. This is entry 2 on Wealth Affiliate a passive income generating machine that produces real results. Check out other articles on myalphaproject.com for interesting blogs and different perspectives.

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