How Does Physical Activity Help You Live Longer

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•    Combat depression and anxiety
•    Boost sex drive and performance
•    Polish optimal cognitive sharpness
•    Improve deep and restful sleep
•    Shelter flexibility and liveliness

Improve the quality of life you experience by engaging in anaerobic and aerobic activity 3 to 4 times a week for 30-45 minutes. 

The bodies cardiovascular system grows strong as your heart rate quickens and your muscles develop more robustly through the powerful process of tissue tearing and rebuilding.

Yoru arteries become unclogged after years of neglect, reducing your likely hood of passing prematurely to Americas number one killer, heart disease.

New estimate says 46 million Americans headed to Alzheimer’s. Exercise reduces your likelihood of degenerative mental diseases namely Alzheimers.

Realize your brains health improves every day in every way due to brain growth factors during exercise. Your return is youthful witty and intelligence.

Experience increased sleep and boost your emotional meters while increasing feelings of productivity and connectedness with your mind, body and loved ones.

Read further about the five ways exercise enriches our lives with quality. 

1. Combat Depression and Anxiety for Freedom

Regular resistance and cardiovascular training have demonstrated consistency in research, its been proven time and time again those who exercise show improved mental states of well-being

The Hormones that your body releases relieves stress and anxiety almost immediately on the bio-chemical level.

Furthermore, resistance training or muscle contractions increase the levels of chemical cocktail porn in your brains such as serotonin and dopamine.

These are chemicals in drugs the pharmaceutical industry will gladly give you at a high cost rather than prescribe a free, good exercise routine along with behavior and lifestyle changes.

2. Boosts Sex Drive and Performance

Rigorous activity boost libido, human growth hormones, and the king of hormones that pumping in alpha type personalities, testosterone.

A Harvard study demonstrated men that participate in physical endeavors for 30 minutes a day are 41% less likely to experience sexual dysfunction.

Thereby, increased sexual experience, pleasure, and regular participation are also increased.

Consistent exercising also shows a woman who participants in regular physical activity, i.e., cycling enhanced sexual arousal 169%.

3. Polishes Optimal Cognitive Sharpness

Physical assertiveness pumps blood into the brains 400 miles of vessels which in turn maintains and intensifies brain function.

Oxygen-enriched blood saturates into the brain like a wet mop, in turn, you sustain higher states of optimal cognitive function.

Furthermore, proper functioning of the lungs increases, a marker of folks that maintain memory retention and mental acuity throughout their lives.

Aerobic exercise, defined as running, sprinting, cycling, swimming, hiking, etc. particular improves cognitive function and longevity.

4. Improves Deep Restful Sleep

Regular exercise grants us the ability to fall asleep quicker, longer, and more in-depth (REM). 

Sleep is essential for your body to heal and repair. When you are asleep, your body is also digesting food, detoxing and purifying bad cells.

Your brain, in particular, drains plaque which leads to neuro-degenerative diseases when we achieve restful sleep.

Folks with neurological diseases are shown to have higher amounts of plague and heavy metals thus decreasing the quality of life significantly.

5. Mountains of Youth, flexibility and liveliness

Physical performance decreases and slows as we age, regular exercise slows the aging process as we organically transition into old age.

Staying physically active maintains our cardiovascular system keeping the lungs and heart healthy.

Preserving our flexibility means maintaining our independence and quality since it allows our liveliness to maintain an equilibrium. 

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