Fueling the Body To Revitalize Your Mind and Ambitions


Premium Fuel for Mind, body, spirit weaponization

Human nature presents us with different avenues of approach to life, hence why some people are proactive and other are just reactive.

Everyone has a different Idea of how they should maintain their body in healthy physical status. I am not here to try to pretend like my way is superior to others. However, we all are not equal.

We have equal rights as humans, but we are not equal in size, strength, malleability, cognitive intelligence, and levels of badass.


Hypnotic Rhythm

Our decisions, moment to moment directly affect our personal experiences.

Consider you want a promotion in your profession, you are ambitious, you are the killer type. Your smart, aggressive but really overweight.

Will your boss even care if you are more intelligent than someone who takes care of themselves physically?

We can look at people and see strength and dominance but not undeniable intelligence. So you’re checked off before even establishing yourself more competent.

It’s not fair, but often that’s all it takes, you are breezed over at the bar from a woman even though you make way more money. She will never know because people judge you off looks! 

Just the same as she would choose the Porsche driving dad-bod guy over the underwear model driving a 92 Camry.

What your physical presence projects in your environment speaks volumes about your character and competency. Everyone can and should think hard about what you telegraphing to other people.


Defining Fitness Goals: Choose x More Than y

  • Lose fat, real fat not waste and water
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Increased energy and testosterone
  • Accomplish the more productive task
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Quality of sleep improvement
  • Remove brain fog, ” the smartest person in the room

Define those goals and make them apart of you hypnotic Rhythm.

I am far from perfect, I am often wrong about things, I am human, so I like to examine the facts and come to rational conclusions.

Looking at life from a mathematical standpoint is wise.

Consider you must elect one of two candidates. One of them you have a bunch of knowledge about which we will reference as data.

The other you know less about, therefore limited data. Now ask yourself if this is a true or false statement.

The more data you have on someone, something or some topic the more accurate of a decision you can make about said subject?

True, yes, of course, you picked true!

The rules for understanding what premium fuel your body requires to revitalize your mind and body is simple, the rule is this: let x represent good habits and let y represent poor habits. Now choose x more than y.

It’s that simple, i.e. Choose x more than y


Certified Organic Red Meat

Americans eat a lot of red meat, and although too much is not suitable for us. It is a staple in our diets both for nutritional purpose and strong American tradition and culture.

Of course, you do not have to eat Red Meat to gain some type of Alpha complexity, but if you want a lean muscular body, you probably consume Beef.

I love my red meat! The taste, smell, drinking the juice! I do prefer the highest quality meat available every time I eat this beautiful treat.

Red meat has generous amounts of quality protein and iron which is absorbed into our bodies quickly. Furthermore, the meat is full of B12 which helps produce fresh DNA cells. Probably the most significant part is the decisive role high-quality protein has on promoting optimal muscle and healthy bones.

Grass-fed, organic, non-hormone

Antibiotics destroy our guts microbiome. Our intestinal microbiome is all the microorganisms in the gut, think of the stomach as an organ just like the heart, and brain. The stomach breaks down our food with all of its 100 trillion cells. The antibiotics destroy our good flora. That negatively affects our thinking and energy levels our body has.

Here are 3 other easy to remember benefits

  • Fewer unhealthy fats, higher healthy fats
  • Dietary cholesterol levels are lower
  • Higher heart disease-fighting antioxidant vitamins
  • High CLA (helps fight Cancer)

Red meat can take around 72 hours to digest and make its way out, try eating plenty of pre-biotics before during and after consuming red meat since its hard for your body to break down.  Picture a greeny salad underneath, massed in with and on top of your meat in your digestive tract.

Don’t forget to turn your food into a pulp in your mouth.  The 1st phase of the digestive system starts in your mouth.  Remember Your small intestine cannot do the job of our teeth and our teeth the small intestine.



Fasting has been popular lately in many fitness circles sort of like the new avocado toast. I’ve personally experimented with fasting for five days plenty of times, and it changed my life.

It’s hard to sometimes realize all the things that we protect ourselves from, mainly all the ways we protect our fragile opinions of ourselves from the mental framework we have engulfed ourselves around.

Realize that alcoholic beverages, nicotine, food, caffeine, meaningless sex, purchasing material goods are all ways we cope with reality.

We are medicating ourselves and abusing our bodies health mechanism.

I am not some religious zealot, but we can recognize irrational behavior when observable.

The first time I fasted I felt miserable, I just laid around drinking water or super purified water feeling sorry for myself. What it gave me was will-power, and self-discipline on a level I had never experienced before.


Losing weight

Shedding real weight is easy on a fast since you aren’t taking anything in. Your body will go through your colon and absorbe all the nutrients it needs and burn those calories.

While that’s happening your body is turning to your fat for fuel. In you, fat has a tone of heavy metals and toxins.

If you don’t drink enough water during your fast, your kidneys can become very sore from processing so many toxins.

The only real detox is a fast, no matter if your diet, foods produce free radicals that promote degenerative cell function which causes diseases and cancer. Therefore, eliminating food from your diet starves off and kills cancer cells.

It is not a cure for cancer, I am not a medical doctor, not that they are even all perfect just that cancer needs a food source like you, like me, like everything so do the math.

Fasting changed my self-motivation, willpower, and discipline, it changed my attitude toward overcoming obstacles, and it changed how I perceive time on this earth.


Juicing For alkalinity

Let me confess now that I am not a huge vegetable eater, not even a big fruit eater.

But, I juice every single day, fresh vegetables and fruits like my world depended on it. Before everyone rips me apart, I understand the fiber and that prebiotics are extremely helpful. For someone who doesn’t enjoy a salad, juicing is an easy replacement. Typically in the morning I grab my trusty juicer and get to work.

My Vegetable recipe is the following:

  • Celery
  • Cucumbers
  • 2 Lemons
  • 2 Limes
  • 1 Orgrage
  • Turmeric 1oz
  • Ginger 2oz
  • Beets

There are tones of recipes out there and plenty of good books. I personally used all the ingredients above for individual reasons. Here is the book I use to guide my choices.

I fill all the ingredients into a powerful cleanse and fill up my vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle. The juice stays cold all day long, and I drink whenever thirsty or with meals.

It is essential that we clean out bodies to be our best selves every day.


What does it all mean

Try to identify ways you can implement all of these things into your life if you feel it is becoming stagnate.

To achieve something that you never had, you have to become something you never thought.

Lifting weights and exercising deserves its own entry but if you are already on an exercise regiment than make sure you are eating quality red meat compared to Frankenstein beef.

If you are interested in fasting just experiment with your body, test your discipline if your not even willing to try then ask yourself what that speaks about you.

Juicing is a high-quality way to get in your vitamins and minerals and clean out your bodies sewage system. Sipping on some juice all day means you have a steady stream of alkalinity and fresh, tasty, bioavailable liquids to induce a cleaner lighter you.


Please feel free to ask questions or comment with a question. If I am wrong about something please call me out, We are all here to learn. This is entry 3 on Wealth Affiliate a passive income generating machine that produces real results.


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