Freelancer Affiliate. A Compact Beginners Review


FreeLancer Wealth Affiliate Article (Snap shot)

  • Name of company: Wealth affiliate
  • Price: Free or <$1 per day
  • Overall Rank: 8 out of 10
  • Industries leaders: 13 years
  • Countries: 193 countries
  • Membership: 1.4 million users
  • Expert analysis: 1,800 coaches
  • Financial, Family, Social, Intellectual, human Capital
  • Building the family legacy

“Although gold dust can be valuable, should it be in your eyes, it will obstruct your judgment and vision”.

What would an extra $500 a week mean to your life? Financial capital is an excellent answer.


Think even bigger, much bigger…

Consider the starting line you are drawing and eventually the finishing line you will be crossing

LEGACY = Human + Intellectual + Social + family + Financials.

Financial capital creates a legacy you can leave behind. That’s what we will be reviewing.

Your legacy and how easy you can, draw that starting line ——-> Compete ——> cross the finishing line.

If you are like the majority of ambitious people, hard work isn’t the problem, you have always worked, the world has just never made it’s self easy to you.

You feel powerless, you will work, and work hard but don’t know how to get ahead.

Defining absolute why’s and how’s from this moment to the next and the next and the next is probably something we torture and torment ourselves with every day. ­­

Any of these thought loops sound right?

  • How do I be a good provider?
  • I don’t have money for school?
  • Too many with bills and high interest loans?
  • Am I going to fail at life?
  • Is what I am doing now worth my time, money, effort and energy.
  • Am I on the right path to be successful ?
  • What If I dishonor to my family and loved ones?
  • My children’s education is on the line.
  • Will I be there for my family when they need support?
  • How can I generate more passive income to meet my needs and their wants?

Personally, those were my thoughts every day. Finally, I had enough with the corporate ladder climbing, drone being, rat race we call life.

After hard thought, I figured “Hell, or high water, I am going to try or die trying.”

My why is pretty simple

  • Money for fundamental needs such as nourishment and security
  • Money to deliver an evening my girlfriend deserves
  • Freedom to roam without saving or permission from an egocentric boss
  • Shopping in my favorite stores
  • Paying all the bills on time without concern for cost

Take a moment to find your why, find an excuse to win!

Why Financial capital is Family capital

The Family is all important all encompassing. The most substantial reason I have decided to start learning about

  • Proper investing
  • Power of compounding interest
  • Dividend investing,
  • Freeing cash flow
  • Debt reduction

it’s all about the family.

First, Financial capital is your wealth, your wealth is made up of assets such as:

  • Home[s]
  • Annuities
  • Bonds
  • Cash
  • Mutual funds
  • Alternative incomes
  • Jewelry
  • Collectibles
  • Boats
  • Arts

And, Anything else like a business you have created…

Anyone can master the simple art of selling products online to grow Financial capital.

A bonus is becoming fulfilled by giving people meaning and usefulness in life by solving problems and making information more accessible to them.

All that is required of you is to follow these easy seven steps

  1. Defining your purpose
  2. Decide what you are going to sell or promote
  3. Create a free account of an affiliate marketing site
  4. Follow the instructions
  5. Be patient and earn extra income
  6. Build and reinvest your money
  7. Separate your time from that niche site
  8. Repeat steps one through seven

Growing Your Social and Intellectual Capital

Your intellectual capital demonstrates itself in numerous ways.

  • For example, it could be formulating precise educational ideas for your family

Socially humans are going through challenging times now the advent of artificial intelligence and machines replace the American worker in large numbers is a real threat.

  • Billionaire Bill Gates stated A.I. “will certainly mean longer vacation,”…What? How will we finance those “longer vacations?”
  • Billionaire Richard Branson said we need free cash handouts because A.I. will replace jobs…Come again?

Therefore, we need to get really smart really quick. Now do you see why socially we are changing and we need more intellectual capital now more than ever perhaps.

  • Don’t have a normalcy bias mental attitude.

Using the free internet and developing expertise in a distinct region or marketplace is all the intelligence you need and it cost nothing!

That intelligence could be what your family needs and your online business with respect placed on hard work you already have, you can generate money.

Back to Social capital, it generates wealth in ways we could not possibly foresee without a crystal ball.

Social capital adds to the social fabric of relationships we have, and the paths  inside and outside our family network. 

  • Try to develop meaningful relationships in your personal life with friends and family.

Same for our professional lives, with coworkers, colleagues, customers, employees and trusted advisors.

This social network of relationships, grants us with significant resources to build on and grow throughout our lives. 

  • Passage
  • Networks
  • Clubs
  • Societies
  • Knowledge
  • Support



Why Human Capital Is Important

Human capital introduces: 

  • Values
  • Desires
  • Similarities
  • Enthusiasm
  • Contributions
  • Physiological
  • Morality

It’s not only about what we contribute or how we contribute It’s also our means of productivity.

Also, about what gives us purpose, meaning, and energy to dispose of in our affairs.

Human capital optimally incorporates the holistic health of each person in your network.

This understanding enables us to be proactive in ensuring the excellent health and lifestyle plan.

Legacy Building

Before moving forward in your legacy blueprint here is a check list to mentally ask yourself.

  • Do I have my why, what’s, and how’s securely in place?
  • Can I remember these items and place everything else to the side?

Reflect on these three questions

  • What are my core values?
  • What is the purpose of my life and work?
  • What is the technology or avenues that will allow me to tap into to achieve my goals.

Assess your level of investment into each respective capital mentioned above.

Assess areas in your life you could approve on.

Determine if your going to invest in your own capital and generate the income you and your family need to leave behind a legacy and a foundation for your families future success.

Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments. If I am wrong about something feel free to call me out. This is entry 7 on Wealth Affiliate a passive income generating machine that produces real results. Check out other articles on for interesting blogs and different perspectives.


  1. Beachwalker

    I love your thinking, creativity and passion for developing a self sustaining system to live the life you want and to build your legacy for your family. I would be very interested in learning more about the system or proccesss you personally apply to achieve your goals. You mention starting with a purpose, but I need help discovering my purpose and not the one I was told and bought into from society.

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