Only The Bold Thrive Not Survive

Only The Bold Thrive, The Weak Survive.

Thriving, It’s a physical state of readiness, let me set an anchor right now. We’ll define thriving as a medium for obtaining pure freedom.

You will know you’re genetically activated when experiencing anxiety, stress, apprehensiveness, fear and other hazards to your life.

That neuro-chemistry materializes into some observable behaviors think of this as a gift, think of it primarily as a mutually beneficial contract between you and your other self.

Try carefully formulating a blueprint to master it, not it, you.

If you’re a social Darwinist to your core like myself, then you freaking love this game of life as much as me.

It’s a dog eat dog world filled with savages and merciless heathens.

Hyper states of awareness and threat analysis animate our experience and heighten our senses as we dive into survival mode.

Poor pitiful me folks that bitch and play the victim card when challenged, are mentally and physically weak. We should actively choose to be proactive, not reactive.

The bold honor the bold and the strong honor the strong. This world only respects strength, and through that strength, we acquire boldness to thrive like Titans.


Time For Boldness

Anytime is appropriate to be bold with your actions. It could mean taking charge at work or correcting rude behavior.

Doing something brave or taking the first steps to pursue a passion.

Right now I am afraid of the 21st-century innovation, machines are replacing the average worker, jobs are being outsourced, and humans are phasing out.

In the next 10 to 15 years technology will systematically undermine the human paradox and if we don’t augment ourselves, we won’t be here.

I’ve identified some easy steps to practice no matter your confidence level. We share equal amounts of daily minutes.

Most people have access to the internet which means you own the most valuable resource in the world.

Yes, that’s a bold statement but tell me I am wrong.

My point is we all equally have the same minutes, and access to the same information so we share equal opportunities to access information and use it effectively.


4 Easy Steps to Being Brave and Bold

1. Identify and define why you are experiencing stress and anxiety. Before anyone can do anything, they must define their purpose.

After defining your why, create steps and critical performance indicators to accomplish your goals.

I have a goal right now of paying off my mortgage in seven years.

I created obtainable checkpoints to accomplish my goal such as: earn extra income, work more overtime, sell my motorcycle, invest in high dividend yielding stocks, tax return, and bonuses all go toward my primary goal.

After it’s paid off, the goal is to rent the property as passive income.

Being financially sound is thriving, being burdened with bills is surviving.

2. Chin up, shoulders back, chest up, meet the eyes. Seriously, who even respects, let alone, who deserves your respect when someone walks without any vigor?

From a procreation standpoint, women want confident men and men want confident women.

From a thriving standpoint, anarchy and chaos is merely a skip, hop and a jump away from the thin veil over so-called civilized society.

Consider the physical benefits, increase blood flow, increased air intake into the lungs, spinal alignment, and increased core strength.

Be it procreation or thriving; you are investing in your brand, your human capital, and anchoring your peers to the tone by which they will speak about you from in your absents.

Understand the importance of walking with confidence and vigor. This is an index of thriving, make zero mistakes about it.

3. Waste zero movements. Let me bring something into your awareness; humans are the only mammals on earth that waste movement.

When you observe any animal in their environment, there is purpose 100% of the time. Without boldness or willingness to thrive, we are acting unhinged daily.

Consider the wise crow; they don’t take joy flies, surf the sky, or do things for fun, so are we so conceded to conclude we are better off?

What about millionaires don’t they waste movement? Sure, they have earned it because they are millionaires and we are not, so we cannot afford to be dormant.

Can you identify improvements in your life that will help you achieve wasting zero movements?

4. Hunting passion. Who…who believes they are rational, logical, and intelligent can dispute hunting passion is negative? Although we all fail and make mistakes every day, those are learning opportunities. The opportunity cost is a mathematical equation, solve x.

There are few alphas out there, fewer dangerously motivated ones, and even fewer who are smart enough to know its completely okay to know what they don’t know.

Your typical competition is folks between the ages of 22 and 55.

Out of those people, a significant portion of them aren’t looking to advance their career.

The others lack experience, knowledge, are distracted with vices, unhappy, untrustworthy, unrespectable, unconfident, and complacent.

That means you have a small group of people to beat out it’s a small sample when you separate yourself from the drones.


Concluding Why Being Bold Equals Thriving

In conclusion, being bold with your action equates to thriving in your efforts over the less desirable reality of merely surviving.

Jobs, relationships, and affairs are far more attainable when you believe in yourself.

You are required to understand your body’s functions and effectively use it against its self, that’s why it’s there!

Those mentioned above are simple and easy steps that can lead you in the correct direction of defining your purpose.

Wasting zero movements and walking upright with confidence and last, consciously opting to hunt your passion.

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I’m going to leave this one right here. I am not trying to push anything; I hate when I go to other sites, and I feel like I am being tricked.

Just find an excuse to win and figure out your ways to be bold with your actions to change your trajectory in life.


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