About Me Page

Who I am

I was born 1990 in Maryland where I still call home. Growing up in a dysfunctional, fragmented home environment had many trials.

With my mother in a metropolitan subsidized apartment, and my father’s rural farm without electric heat or running water at times.

After 2 years a community college and no path to a four-year school, I quit college and joined the Marines. Currently, I am nearly finished my Economics and BA degree.

What Not to Expect

You won’t read any poor, pitiful me victimhood stuff. I refuse to degrade myself into a useless mentality that places the blame on everyone but myself.

Expect plan, organic language that seeks to name, define and identify problems and then offer real solutions.

Why I Want to Help:

My passion is learning and becoming free. Think of your history books,  it’s full of haves and have-nots. Refuse with me to be a have-not and be an achiever. Be a steward of your family and change its future.

With artificial intelligence coming we need to wake up, we will be challenged like never before, don’t be afraid it’s not a bad thing. Just step up and compete on the highest levels of human intelligence and greatness.


Join me and earn your freedom or be left behind by machines in a technocratic society.

Firmly believe reclaiming jurisdiction over our minds and highlighting the mechanism that ruined initially is essential for success.

What I’m Doing About It

Life has to be an algorithm or simple numbers we can use in everyday life. I’m augmenting myself. Engineering time and manufacturing Habitual rhythms where ever I can. Thought and behavior reform rein king ingredients.

Thorfinn Gwynn